Our clinical cardiologist practice is oriented toward coronary and valvular heart disease. Patients are evaluated for chest pain, palpitations, and shortness of breath. Patients with risk factors for heart disease are helped to eliminate or reduce their risk. Patients with known heart disease are given exercise advice and specific prescriptions. We are interested in both the primary prevention of heart disease and reduction of the risk of a second heart attack. For example, we aggressively lower cholesterol by using both dietary prescriptions and lipid lowering drugs. We educate the patient to enable them to be an active participant in their care.


Our cardiac facilities include:

- Pacemaker and A.I.C.D. Clinic
- Cardiac Doppler and Cardiac Ultrasound
- Treadmill Testing
- Cardiac Teaching Video Library
- Pulmonary Function Testing
- Telephone Cardiac Events Monitoring
- Holter Monitoring

We embrace the concept of a "patient’s bill of rights" believing that patients have the right to know their treatment alternatives and choice in their management. We treat all patients with respect and consideration.

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